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Friday, November 5, 2010

Listening to Rap for the First Time. With A Book Critic

Really interesting article. It's so mesmerizing how you can compare the same song by reading its lyrics on paper and by listening to it with the beat, the flow, and the different personalities applied to it. I found the insight on Lil Wayne's Dr. Carter to be the most interesting. As the author states, "The personality in that voice, just in that little back and forth with the "nurse" in the intro at the start of the song. It's something hard to quantify — but it's the same thing that makes you love and trust a performer onstage."

I never really thought of this song as a dialogue between "doctor" and nurse" but the author has a great point. The lyrics are definitely creative on paper, but once you add the audio the listener is actually picturing a hospital-esque scene.

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