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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tribal Seeds - Warning

After two awesome electro shows the past two nights, I've been giving my ears a rest today by choosing Collie Buddz radio on Pandora. For those of you not familiar with Collie Buddz, he is an almost hybrid type of reggae. What I mean here is he fuses reggae rhythms and melodies with hip-hop lyrical flow and beats. One of the songs that came up was "Warning" by Tribal Seeds, featuring Sonny of the band P.O.D. The selling point was not Sonny, even though I have been a P.O.D. fan dating back to my early teens. The selling point, as with most songs I like, was the beat and the melodies. A bass-heavy track that you can kick back to and have yourself a moment, if you will. The YouTube video is below, I will try to post a download link soon.

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