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Monday, April 11, 2011

TAI - Big Bass Drum

Over the weekend I realized I had some Dada Life downloaded that I hadn't really listened to. Among this was one of their monthly mixes that I had downloaded from Gotta Dance Dirty but is also available as a Podcast. So I began listening to it, loving every track I heard. One in particular was "Big Bass Drum" by TAI, who I was vaguely familiar with but didn't have much of his music. So here's what I learned, according to Last.FM:

Where do you head musically, once you have worked with acts as diverse as gangster rappers and nu disco bands in your home country of Germany? What do you do once you’ve produced them a string of top 10 hits and multi gold status albums?

You turn your skills to the upfront club sounds of ghetto-electro and ace the dance charts with a string of jaw-droppingly original cuts. Well you would if you are TAI and he’s currently on fire.

Well, sounds good to me.

TAI - Big Bass Drum (Original Club Mix) by TAI

Download Big Bass Drum here 

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