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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Excluding the Underaged - New Law in Burlington Wreaks Havoc

I don't know about any other students of UVM past or present, but one of the main reasons I attended was because of the vibrant music scene in and around the Burlington area. It is my personal opinion that people of any age should be allowed to attend a music event, but with this new law certain events will be restricted to 21+.

Really?! Why should someone have to be of legal drinking age just to enjoy some live music? (Why should someone even have to be 18?) Not only that, but having graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship, I realize the impact of losing a huge portion of a business' customer base. The big picture wasn't considered by the police, nor were residents of the community/business owners consulted. Burlington will lose money, employees will be put out of work, and people under 21 will have a shitty time. I don't understand why Burlington is all up in arms about the drinking situation. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Burlington is a college town. Spoiler alert: In this college town there are....colleges! What do students do at college to let loose on the weekends (or during the week)? They drink, they party, they have a good time. Some of them do it more responsibly than others, but regardless, it's going to happen. If people under 21 can't go to a supervised club or show, they will go be reckless at some house party or worse. Or, they'll take their talents to Montreal, netting that city even more money and tiny ol' Burlington loses out.

If anyone is reading this in the Burlington area, please do what you can to get this ridiculous law changed. I'm glad I graduated when I did because as much as I loved UVM and that area as a whole things have just been going down hill....since the beginning of my sophomore year (2007-2008 school year). Labor day weekend that year about every party I tried to attend was broken up by the cops. Things haven't been the same since. Thumbs down.

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