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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kobe Vs. Lebron, 1-on-1: Who Wins?

This is a tough call. As the article states, it's your typical 1-on-1 rules and players call their own fouls. Putting aside my personal preferences/opinions on Kobe & Lebron as people (Kobe plays for the Lakers & rapes women, Lebron quit on Cleveland and made a circus out of his decision), and looking at them from a basketball skill set point of view, I could weigh a couple different options. My first instinct is to say Kobe wins. I think he might be the better post-up player with the better jump shot/turn-around jumper. But Lebron is like a brick wall - he is stronger and faster (and younger). If Lebron takes it to the hole each time he will win (keep in mind players call their own fouls. If refs are involved Kobe wins hands down). Problem is, this is winners' ball, so if Kobe gets hot I don't think he'll miss a shot and could throw down jumpers to win it all. Kobe's jumpers vs Lebron's power moves, 3-pointers count, I'm going to say Kobe barely wins. I hate myself.

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