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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a Womp Womp Wednesday: Slumdogz - In The Hood

I was informed by my good red-headed friend Jake Collier that Flux Pavilion and Doctor P were releasing a Circus Records showcase album. I am a HUGE fan of Flux Pavilion; I don't think he has put out one track I have disliked. His newest single, Bass Cannon, is a massive track and was played during many sets at Ultra, as well as the Boston Rusko show last week. One track on this compilation was "In the Hood" by Slumdogz. Definitely a hard dubstep song that should rub you the right way.

Happy birthday to the biggest loser I know, Mike Mastrangelo. Check out his Soundcloud

I had previous posted a download link, but I was alerted for copyright infringement and can no longer provide that link. Support the artists and buy the album at the above link (Amazon, or otherwise).

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