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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Hump Day!: Ho's & Disco's

Mord Fustang at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA 9.27.11

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the Estonian sensation Mord Fustang perform at the sweaty basement of the Middle East. After enduring a half-hour set by Kid Sister, which was a half hour too long, MF walked on stage to do his thing. Until that point I had never seen what he looked like and I was a bit surprised. He is a tall, lanky dude with bangs flipped to the side. This may be a stretch, but his hairdo reminded me of a much shorter version of Skrillex's. He definitely had an Eastern European look, but if you didn't know any better you'd think he was an American born and raised.

To my disappointment, after Kid Sister finished and MF started his set, I noticed people heading for the exit. I always feel bad for the artists when their shows aren't at capacity (or noticeably below capacity). This was a Throwed event, which is notorious for having high schoolers clad in minimal clothing. Maybe because it was 11:30 on a school night there were less 18-year-olds than I expected. I also know that Mord is a relatively unknown producer even though those that do know his work are huge fans. I was surprised to find a lot of my friends who are EDM fans didn't know his name.

Anyways, Mord dropped into his first song which was sweet but I'll admit I had never heard before. According to my friend Mike, this was the Space Laces remix of  "Ho's & Disco's" by Lucky Date (see below, second song). It had plenty of wobbles for everyone and was a great way to start the show. MF then went into both his original productions and various other songs including Deadmau5's new track "Where My Keys". His best-known song "Lick the Rainbow" got a huge response and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Overall it was a great hour-long set, although I wish the Estonian could have played much longer. This kid is a true talent and I hope I get to see him in the near future. I can only see good things coming for him.

Lucky Date Ho's & Disco's (Original Mix)

Lucky Date Ho's & Disco's (Space Laces Remix)

Lucky Date Ho's & Disco's (Zedd remix)

Here's a mix recorded by Mord Fustang and posted on SoundCloud 6 months ago. It shows his mixing talents, his original productions, and some other tracks he's in to. I can say for certain he is a fan of Deadmau5 and Feed Me, as well as some other funky tracks. Peep it for yourself!

Mord Fustang - Live In The Mix by Plasmapool

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