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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Throwback: Pretty Lights - Happiness (Troubled Faces)

Friday night Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, came to Boston's Bank of America Pavilion for a sold out show featuring opening act Big Gigantic. For lack of better wording, both parties killed it (as usual). This was my first time seeing BG live, but I am a fan of their productions and I had heard great things about their live shows. They played a lot of originals and even covered songs like Aloe Blacc's "I Need a Dollar" and Skrillex and Diplo's "Amplifire". Needless to say they played a great blend of trip-hop, dubstep, and everything in between, featuring Dominic Lalli on Sax and Jeremy Salken on Drums. The one minor flaw I noticed was that the saxophone kept cutting in and out of the right speakers.

Once Big Gigantic ended their set, around 8:30, the downpour had subdued for a bit. Pretty Lights took the stage at 8:50, opening with his newest success "I Know the Truth". By this time it had started raining again and he took the chance to play a little of Blind Mellon's "No Rain". Derek then dropped into various songs that span his career, including a couple new ones. Stand-outs for me included "Total Fascination", "More Important than Michael Jordan" Steve Miller Band's "Time" remix, "All of the Lights" remix, and crowd pleasers (and sing-along influencers) "Finally Moving", "Finally Moving (remix)", and "Hot Like Sauce". He kept it interesting by blending some chilled out songs with some truly hyphy ones. If I could remember every single song he played then it means I wasn't having as good of a time as I should have. And as it turns out, I can't remember every song he played. Shout out to Lydia and Bri who Cam and I had the pleasure of meeting while we were waiting to fill our alcoholic needs. Dancing in the seats has never caused me so many bruises.

Overall, Pretty Lights killed it as usual. I liked that he was without his drummer even though I play drums myself. His new light show (unveiled at Bonnaroo) was unreal and contributed highly to the concert experience. And a last shout out to the little person (is that the politically correct term?) who was raging on the seat in front of me, but made sure I could still see the stage, expressing "I know how it is" (was that a crack at me being short too?). My one complaint is the sound at the BOA Pavilion - it escapes too easily out of the sides of the tent. Club/indoor settings are always much better from a sound perspective.

Ask me about the rest of my night, which truly was an adventure. Let's just say things can get interesting when a show like that ends and the crowd is unleashed on Boston at 11pm on a Friday.

Enjoy this Pretty Lights throwback which should ease you nicely into the work week.

Pretty Lights Happiness (Troubled Faces)


Pretty Lights Wrong Platform

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