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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Throwback Part 2, The New: Marco Polo - Nostalgia featuring Masta Ace

It's funny what kind of paths music will take you down, especially in the digital age when you could hear 100 new songs by 100 new artists in a day thanks to websites like Pandora, YouTube, and Grooveshark. Thanks to Pandora, I heard a track by Copperpot last week ( and from there I went to YouTube to listen to it again (because we all know Pandora won't let you go back to tracks you've already played). On the right-hand menu I saw a playlist called "Copperpot." I clicked and it brought me to even more tracks I hadn't heard before, such as this one by Marco Polo.

According to Wikipedia, Marco Polo is a Canadian hip hop producer, and this was one of the singles off his debut album in 2007 called Port Authority. Every track I've heard from this guy is pure fire, so allow "Nostalgia" to be your "new" throwback on this stormy Throwback Monday.

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