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Monday, December 6, 2010

Theme Song of the Week: Grateful Dead - Fire on the Mountain - Live at the Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ April 27, 1977

I went to check out a Grateful Dead cover band Friday night. They are called Playing Dead and they were actually really good (I'm tempted to use the word "skeptical" when talking about a cover band, but I don't think it's the correct word. Maybe I just prefer the originals, but since the Dead no longer exist as a complete band this was cool to see). While I enjoy listening to the Dead from time to time, I am not by any means a Dead Head nor a huge expert on them or their music. Playing Dead was extremely talented and I loved the 2-drummer dynamic (being a drummer myself). It was also great to step back and watch all the middle-aged Dead Heads dancing their pants off. This was definitely a night off the beaten path but it was fun nonetheless.

People who commented on this video consider the Dead to be at the peak/prime of their extensive days together as a band when the video was taken (young, hungry and just jamming).

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