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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gramatik's Debut Album on Pretty Lights Music (The Record Label) - Beatz & Pieces Vol 1

I'm a sucker for all things Pretty Lights. There, I said it. I don't care what your perception of Derek Vincent (aka Pretty Lights), his music, his following, or his record label is because he is doing big things. He is quickly building his record label, which includes artists Paper Diamond, Break Science, Michal Menert, and of course Pretty Lights himself. I have listened to all of these guys' releases (thanks to all PLR music being available for free download and they are all dope in their own way.

The reason why I like all of this music so much is because the songs essentially combine hip hop beats with samples (either vocals, instrumentals, or both) as well as melodic soundscapes and live instrumentation. Each artist has his own unique style, but it's easy to tell how all these artists fit together on the record label.

Gramatik is a Slovenian producer and was heavily influenced by American music early on, taking in everything from Funk and Jazz to Soul and Blues. He says, "I always looked at [his songs] as hip-hop beats on steroids. They are still raw, sample based beats, but with evolved arrangements and wrapped in a fine layer of live instrumentation.  And the reason I started adding live instruments is because I felt that classic hip-hop beats without vocals lose me after two minutes.  I want to keep the listener through the whole track!"

This dude has sold over 80,000 tracks on Beatport and has been nominated for "Best Chill Out Artist"’ and "Best Chill Out Track" at the 2010 Beatport Music Awards, taking 2nd place in both categories. I compare him most to beat masters RJD2, Mimosa, and DJ Shadow. He was also just announced as an artist at Electric Zoo Festival this year and I'm excited for the chance to catch him live.

Go Here to download his album for free (or to donate for the album).

Gramatik - So Much for Love

Gramatik - Break Loose

Gramatik - While I Was Playin' Fair


Gramatik vs. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Hip Hop Heaven

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