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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Hump Day: In Honor Of Mr. PowerStroke Being In The 617 Tonight

Cam Harris checking in for my last couple of posts here before G-Ballz himself makes his epic return back to the US from the Motherland. In wishing him a safe trip back in a couple of days, this post is a tribute to him and one of our favorite minimal artists, Mr. Powerstroke, or better known as Claude Vonstroke. Claude has given the city of Boston the great opportunity to see him live tonight over at Phoenix Landing in Cambridge. For those of you looking for a way to spice up your Wednesday night, I highly recommend trying to get over there and catching a once in a lifetime show. I had a chance to pop my Vonstroke cherry at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year and to say the least wow. He played in a tent full of jungle gyms and dusty people to bring his small crowd his intense music which I was informed was categorized as "jungle house". Nevertheless, he kills it. So this week I decided to dedicate some tracks to show you what I mean. So take a listen and if anything check out his artist page on facebook. Happy Hump Day to all and hope this picks up the pace for those of you with a slow work week. Enjoy!

The Whistler - Vandalism Vocal Mix

Wut - (Claude Vonstroke Remix)

Figure I would leave you with one Bonus track to keep the week rolling. Wolfgang Gartner has been on his grind this year and continues to do show after show after show to show his fans how much he loves playing for them. For this one, I leave you with what he calls his BRAND NEW track, even though he has been playing this on tour for quite a while now. Either way, the guy is a true producer and DJ, Enjoy

Menage A Trois - Wolfgang Gartner (Original Mix)

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