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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Violence Day!

Today was a hugely anticipated day for fans of Dada Life and for fans of EDM in general. Dada Life have officially released their latest single, titled "Happy Violence."

On my first couple of listens, it has that classic Dada Life sound we've come to expect over the past year that has seen them, for lack of better words, blow the fuck up. The bass line is always the most distinctive, recognizable part because they know how to get a deep heavy sound by using their Sausage Fattener plug-in (that I always reference). The leads (the melody) are a little iffy for me so far, just because they're weird-sounding. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing because that's the best way to set yourself apart in a hugely saturated EDM world. The chorus-y part reminds me of an old Nintendo game, something like the Legend of Zelda.

Regardless, the newest Dada Life track is here and you can bet your ass you will be hearing it during live DJ sets and as part of mixes/podcasts. The anticipation is only building for their next album release, which is rumored to come out Spring 2012. Let me know what you think of "Happy Violence" by commenting here!

Dada Life Happy Violence (Original Mix)

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